PhoenixGold RX4CX

Graphics Equalizer


9 band graphic equalizer.

Precision tuning for audiophile perfectionists.
EQ9.0 gives you 9 bands/frequencies to dial in and
tweak your car audio system, delivering your music, your way.

Low output impedance
High input impedance
Flat frequency response
High output voltages
Excellent signal to noise ratio
Panel mount RCAs
Poly caps and low tolerance resistors in all signal path circuits
Removable terminal block for all input connections


Max Input Level:13V
Max Output level:9V
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):0.01%
Input Impedance:20 KO
Output Impedance:50KO
Signal to Noise Ratio:>94dB
Bandwidth Adjustment:±10dB
Crossover Slope (Per Octave):12dB