K40-Laser Defuser g5

Due to police laser’s sniper-like pinpoint accuracy and limited beam divergence, vehicles with large profile front facias, no front license plate displayed, and/or chromed plastic trim should be outfitted with two or more Laser Defuser g5s to ensure full detection and jamming coverage.

Radar System Compatibility
The Laser Defuser g5 integrates with any K40 remote radar system, thereby utilizing a single warning display (instrument-mounted LEDs) for both radar and laser alerts.

Enhanced Protection
Each Laser Defuser g5 transponder contains five infrared laser detection diodes, 10 powerful laser jamming diodes, and a fly-eye lens for enhanced laser gun detection and protection.
A sync interface that can fire up to four Laser Defuser g5s simultaneously provides superior detection and maximum jamming output.

Stealthy Mounting Options
License Plate Mount: Made from one of the strongest synthetics available, the license plate mount strategically positions the Laser Defuser g5 where police laser gun operators are trained to target while providing a stealthy, yet OEM external appearance.

Customized Placement: The weatherproof Laser Defuser g5 transponder also has the ability to be removed from the license plate mount and custom-mounted elsewhere on the vehicle (see photo above).

Three User-Selectable Transmit Modes
Constant Transmit: The Laser Defuser g5 will continuously transmit a signal for the duration of the laser encounter.

Pulse Transmit: The Laser Defuser g5 will transmit a signal for 10 seconds so you can safely reduce speed. The system will then shut off for 30 seconds. At this point, the laser targeting police officer has obtained a slower speed reading for your vehicle while eliminating the suspicion of “jamming” where the use of laser jammers is prohibited.

Receive Only: For notification only. No signal will be emitted.

• Operating Wavelength 904 nanometers
• Power Requirements 11.5 – 16.0 Volts DC negative ground
• Transponder Dimensions 5.1 in L x .694 in H x .89 in D
• Interface Dimensions 3.1 in L x 1.75 in W x 1.0 in D