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     KEY500.1 Smart Mono Amplifier   KEY200.4 Smart 4-Ch. Amplifier
     (bass revealer/processor)    (auto-EQ/processor)

     The KEY500.1 is a smart subwoof- The biggest advance -
     er                           in the smallest package.
     amplifier and audio processor in   Introducing the KEY smart ampli- KEYLOC® Smart Line-Out Con-  This revolutionary, DSP (digital
     one,                         fier                         verter                      signal processor)-controlled,
     featuring an AI-driven DSP    and audio processor in one,                             line-output converter
     (digital signal processing).   featuring AI-driven DSP.                               automatically detects the
                                                               RMS Output/Channel          frequency response and phase of
                                                               (1kHz @ 14.4V, ≤ 1% THD+N)   your factory stereo system, and
                                                               10V                         then allows you to integrate into
                                                                                           a more fun, modern
                                                               Frequency Response (Hz):    entertainment setup!

                                                               Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
                                                               >100dB, A-weighted,
                                                               re: rated power
                                                               Input Sensitivity

                                                               Lo: 125mV–10V
                                                               (60Ω smart radio load)
                                                               Hi: 1V–40V
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